Penis Cream FAQ – A How-To Guide to Penile Care

An increasing number of men are recognizing the importance of daily care when it comes to the health and function of their penis, and many are turning to products like penis health creams to support healthy, supple penile tissue. For those who are considering using a penis cream, but who have questions about what they can really expect, the answers to the following FAQ should provide valuable insight about proper penis care.

1) What is a penis cream? More than just a body lotion, a penis health cream is formulated with specific ingredients that target the penile tissue, with the function of the penis and common issues in mind. A good cream contains amino acids that support healthy nerve function and cell metabolism, as well as vitamins for cellular repair. Antioxidants are also included to reduce harmful oxidation that can lead to early signs of aging. A penis health cream is not a cure for any disease or condition, but it can help improve the appearance and sensitivity of the member in many individuals.

2) Why should I use a penis cream, anyway? Men often take a minimalist approach to penis care, assuming that things will take care of themselves. On the other hand, these same men often have complaints about dry, rough, sore penis skin, not to mention loss of sensation – these are often caused by aggressive masturbation practices or the friction caused by sex.

3) Does it really work? When used as directed by men who are looking for smoother, more responsive penile tissue, positive results are generally reported. Again, men should not consider a penis health cream as a cure, and any health concerns should be addressed by a doctor.

4) Can a penis health cream cure STDs? Sexually transmitted infections cannot be “cured” by a penile cream. Any man who suspects he has contracted an infection should avoid any sexual contact and consult with a doctor for testing and treatment. In addition, sexually active men should be tested regularly for STDs, as not all of them have visible symptoms.

5) How much should I use? A small amount – enough to cover a fingertip – is generally sufficient – check the package instructions for specifics on individual products. It is not beneficial to use more than the recommended amount, as it may not be fully absorbed and will leave the skin sticky.

6) How do I apply it? For maximum absorption, a penile cream should be applied after a shower or bath, when the skin is warm and the pores are open. The cream should be massaged gently into the skin until it is fully absorbed.

7) Is it OK to have sex after applying it? The cream should be fully absorbed into the skin, so that it is no longer sticky or damp, before any intimate contact takes place. If a partner is sensitive to any of the ingredients, it is best to wash the area thoroughly before having sex.

8) What about oral sex? The same recommendations apply here – allow the product to be fully absorbed, and wash the area if a partner has a sensitivity or allergy to any ingredients in the cream.

9) What happens if I have a reaction to the cream? Men who experience any adverse reactions should immediately wash the area thoroughly with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water, taking care to rinse away all traces of the product. Avoid future use if this occurs.

10) Which cream should I try? Before buying a cream, there are a couple of things that a man should consider. First, of course, is the ingredient list – a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) should contain a rich blend of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants to nourish the penile tissue and support optimum function. Second is the guarantee – if the product does not work as advertised, then it is important to know that there is an option to return the item for a refund.

A Guide to Finding High Quality Cod Fish Oil

There are some things that you need to know before you buy or take cod fish oil. Everyone can benefit from a daily omega3 supplement, but Atlantic Cod is not the best source of omega3s. Here’s a little shopping guide to help you find a high quality supplement.

The Atlantic Ocean is heavily polluted with mercury, dioxins and PCBs. Mercury accumulates in the liver and flesh of fish that swim in these waters. PCBs and dioxins are commonly found in oils derived from them. In recent years, numerous supplements were pulled from the store shelves, after the European Union passed tighter restrictions for contaminants.

It is possible to distill the oils, using molecular distillation, but manufacturers of cod fish oil rarely take that step. If you want the safest supplement, the source fish should be small like an anchovy or a hoki. Larger fish like cod, sharks and swordfish are higher on the food chain. Their bodies contain more contaminants.

Species that do not swim in the polluted North Atlantic are better choices. The cold waters separating New Zealand from Antarctica are the cleanest on the planet. That’s where hoki are found. But, regardless of how clean the ocean or how small the species, the oils should be molecularly distilled to further purify and concentrate the omega3 content.

At one time cod fish oil was the only choice for omega3 supplementation. It tasted so bad that manufacturers started adding artificial flavors, like lemon. Most manufacturers still add artificial flavorings. These flavors can mask the smell of rancid oils. Because of their short shelf-life, you need to be able to smell the oil, before taking it. Consuming rancid oils will make you very sick.

When the oils are encapsulated, there is no need to worry about rancidity, but cod fish oil is still not your best choice. Usually, the oils are expressed from the liver, rather than the flesh. They contain too much vitamin A, which can be toxic at high doses. They have too much EPA and not enough DHA.

EPA and DHA are two of the most important omega3 fatty acids. ALA is an omega3 found in plants and vegetable oils. Flaxseed supplements, for example, contain ALA.

The body can convert ALA to DHA, if EPA is present, but it will only convert a small amount. Research has shown that increasing ALA intake does not increase circulating blood levels of DHA. Low levels of DHA are associated with depression, heart disease and degenerative eye diseases.

So, it is important to compare supplements carefully before you buy. Check for the DHA content.

Recent studies show that DHA may even reduce our risk of some types of cancer.

But, because it is often contaminated, cod fish oil might actually increase that risk.

Shop with care and protect your health.

Your Guide to Skin Care

Have you ever consulted a guide for advice on which products on the market are effective for alleviating the outward symptoms of aging? If you are looking for the best possible anti aging skin care treatment that you can buy then the advice that these guides give you may not help you in your quest.

Don’t be fooled by the typical guide, because it is nothing more than a sales presentation in most cases for products that a company wants you to buy. They have no particular interest in whether or not a product will truly satisfy you, they are only interested in getting you to buy.

In case you hadn’t noticed, most of the anti aging skin care treatment systems will not have any kind of positive effect on your skin. This is because the grade of the ingredients that are typically used in cosmetics products is poor at best. These are compounds that you do not want to fool with, I warn you of that.

What the average anti aging skin care guide will not give you is in depth is the type of ingredients that are in the product that is under review. This is because they don’t want you to know that the bulk of the ingredients that you will find in the product are a combination of chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your health.

It’s sad to say, but the vast majority of anti aging skin care treatment systems contain these dangerous chemical ingredients. They are used widely by the cosmetics company’s mainly because they are readily available in bulk, and they are extremely inexpensive to use as ingredients.The anti aging skin care guide that is recommending a product will also probably not tell you that many of these chemicals that are widely used in cosmetics are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and even those with organ toxicity. These are the ingredients that they don’t want you to know about.

All quality treatment products will contain all natural ingredients for maximum safety, and maximum effectiveness. These products should include vegetable or plant based oils and waxes, they should be rich in antioxidants, and if at all possible will contain Functional Keratin, and Phytessence Wakame.

These are two ingredients that I’ll bet you’ve never read about in an guide. One is a carefully chosen mixture of proteins while the other is a Japanese kelp extract that together have the ability to both increase your production rate of collagen and elastin, and raise your skin’s level of hyaluronic acid.

An all natural anti aging skin care treatment that contains these two ingredients will change your appearance in a more dramatic fashion than you ever thought possible through using a cosmetics product. You will simply watch the years slowly, but steadily disappear.

Forget the anti aging skin care guide, because once you have these ingredients working for your skin, you will never need to seek out another line of products.

Women’s Health: Care Should Be the Concern

The most important thing in life is happiness. Happiness comes from both physical and mental wellness. Therefore, it is said that health is the real wealth. When it comes to women health, maintaining a good health is very important, as they have to perform so many tasks in their daily life. There are a lot of women who have been suffering from various kinds of health diseases due to lack of proper vitamins and minerals in their body.

Vitamins are very much essential for the body, as they help in proper functioning of the body organs and thus, keep you in good health. Quality vitamins for women actually help in slowing the aging process, make strong the immune system, improve energy levels and support the female hormones. However, before going to take any vitamins, consulting with a medical professional that has better knowledge about it, would be great. As doctors or medical professionals have extensive knowledge about human body and the functioning of all the organs, therefore they can guide towards the right direction when it comes to women health care. A lot of clinical studies have proved that a woman’s body needs a lot of anti-aging natural substances for specific health benefits.

In order to remain in good health condition, a lot of women prefer to take high quality anti- aging daily supplements. It helps them to fulfill their dietary gaps that almost all women are having. Moreover, having fresh fruits and vegetables also helps in getting the much needed vitamins to the body. Apart from it, women need nutrients, for example amino acids, antioxidants etc. Nutrients are essential for supporting the mental health, while enzymes and other substances like resveratrol are essential for heart health, and lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health.

Though nutrients are equally important for both men and women, but certain nutrients are there that are required especially required for women health as they are important for balancing the female hormones. It is said that women in their 30s and above 30 years of age required extra care for maintaining a good health. Osteoporosis is a very significant condition in women that usually begins in the age of 30. Therefore, regular dietary calcium and magnesium supplements along with other necessary nutrients are recommended to the women of above 40 years of age.

With aging, women need to take care of themselves a lot, as a lot of disease or disorder may occur to them with age. Though many women don’t give that much importance to their health conditions until it make them suffer, but it may cause a lot of complications in the near future regarding their health. Therefore, regular checkup is recommended by the medical professionals for the women to keep themselves away from any kind of health complications.

Your Best Health Care Services Through the Medical Facilities BSC

Health is basically defined as a complete state of well-being: physically, mentally, and socially. Good health is not merely achieved by the absence of illness or infirmity. Health facilities are an integral necessity in any community. It serves not only as a treatment facility but also, as a watchdog for diseases and other major issues that would affect health. The quality of service provided by these facilities should be non-negotiable. The medical facilities BSC or balanced scorecard provides us a guideline on how to gauge the quality of services in a medical facility.

In its most basic form, the scorecard measures the performance of medical facilities. It is very important for a medical facility to have good financial performance and financial progress. A medical facility is actually measured by its receivable accounts and operating profit. It must be able to afford the cost of building new sub-facilities, developing or buying new medicines, and purchasing new medical apparatuses. Financial stability is very important for a medical facility since it would ensure smooth operations if all needs are attended to.

Customers, in this case, the patients, must have good perception of the medical facility and this is generally possible if their expectations are met or even surpassed. Medical facilities should be accessible to as many patients as possible. It should be easy to locate and near areas where population is dense. The cost of medicines and treatment must be well within the means of the general populace. Costs should be adjusted according to the paying capacity of most people in the area. Although customer perspectives are second only in the scorecard, it is still of equal importance to financial perspectives since this directly affects the patients.

There are processes involved in the implementation of services in a medical facility. A good facility will ensure that the processes are easy to understand and follow. Patients should not be made to wait in queues. The facility should have a good outpatient program and inpatients should be given full medical attention. The facility must constantly upgrade their equipment and frequently replenish used medical supplies. The development of new facilities should be fast and they should be made available for use as early as possible. Even the average duration of a patient’s stay is used in the scorecard to measure a facility’s effectiveness.

Health care facilities have social responsibilities, too. Charity applications are very important for patients of average income. Medical wastes should be properly disposed or recycled so as not to cause environmental problems. The facility should provide its medical personnel a happy and productive working environment. More importantly, good health is better maintained by prevention than treatment. Health care initiatives should be shared and discussed with the public. The facility must provide a good, solid, and sustainable health education program.

The medical facilities BSC is very useful for administration personnel in a facility since it would pinpoint areas that would need improvement. It is a valuable guide to provide the best possible quality of services a facility can provide.